Hi. I’m Renee.

A couple of years ago I quit the job I loved, sold everything I had and traveled around the world with just a back pack… because well, that’s kind of what Jesus did. Along the way I prayed for the sick, fed the hungry and watched as God showed up and stopped being someone I read about in an ancient text. He became reality. And for the first time, my heart was really awakened.

Georgia is where I’m currently chasing Jesus and finding out what it means to live in the fullness of the awakening I experienced in the nations. My job is to help raise up and send out a new generation of people who will follow him in a radical way.

I’m about second chances and taking chances.

I’m about coffee first thing and red wine with dinner.

I’m about living with purpose, living abandoned and living for today.

And mostly I’m about bringing the dreams of God, the whisper of heaven, to earth.

So let’s hang out. Maybe have a conversation, a cup of coffee or a glass of wine while we dream wide awake.


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