Pure Delight

13 Apr

I often have moments where I can’t believe this is the life I get to lead. Sometimes the moment is huge. Sometimes it’s a simple pleasure that just brings a ridiculous amount of delight to my heart. That’s what this post is full of.

Last month I got to hang out with very good friends in Florida. We reminisced about the sweet days of life together, laughed until our stomachs hurt, and hit up favorite when-we’re-together-traditions. I am so blessed to have such special friends scattered all over the place – including these.

In Gainesville Christy and Eilo graciously hosted me and carted me all over town to my favorite spots – Bev’s for lunch, corn nuggets at Sonny’s, Ivy House after church… and took me out on the boat at Newnan’s Lake for a little fishing, photo taking and sunset watching. What a perfect evening.


A couple of days later I got to spend an evening and day in Plant City with my lovely friend Erica. We had a ball talking wedding plans (hers… not mine!) 🙂 reading southern living, shopping, and spending the evening doing other very girlie things. The next day we met up with Melissa, Amy and Hobie (the cutest little boy on earth I’m not related to) and conquered the world-famous Plant City Strawberry Festival. Corn dogs, strawberry shortcake, FFA chapter displays and a stop by the Hall of Queens to see our famous friend’s picture made the day complete. Thanks for a great time girls!


As I was driving away from plant city that day I was captivated by the Strawberry fields and all that is real Florida. I had to stop in the middle of the road and grab a few pictures. Sigh… I miss this place.

Yep, pure delight.


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